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The reason for introducing this program is the urgent need to form a collective consciousness on a more positive base, since our world has come to a point where it can no longer sustain negative influences, being already saturated with negative energies. The Reading Program is an individual program, and one can follow it regardless of whether one is active in other Knowledge Book programs or not.

Everyone who wants can take part in the Reading Program that starts on 19th of February for those who join it for the first time. On 19th of February, the chapter number 1 is read, then chapter number 2 on 20th February, and so on for a period of one year. In this way, the book is read 6 times by 25th of February of the following year. The person can continue in the same way, for as many years as they want to.


Over the years, the Reading Program has branched into different schedules, depending on whether the reader has been successful in completing the program, or if it is their first attempt to do so. To download the Reading Program schedule, you may visit the relevant page of the Knowledge Book main website by clicking reading schedule

In order to successfully complete the Reading Program, one has to read each chapter without being interrupted in one go, and within the 24-hour period of that particular day (making sure to finish before midnight, otherwise the friend is out of the program). The members of the same family are not to read their daily chapters at the same time – minimum 30 minutes is recommended between those readings.

If, for whatever reason, a chapter is not read, the person is out of the Reading Program, and can start the program again on 19th of February of the following year.

A friend who is disqualified from the Reading Program can continue reading, by following the reading schedule. In such a case, the full benefits of the Reading Program are not experienced – yet it is recommended to continue reading.

These benefits originate from the Light-Photon-Cyclone Technique, present in the Book, which is able to supervise and assist the reader:

  • Our biological constitution receives the maximum quantity of energy of each chapter, in accordance with our reception capacity and consciousness level, hence we are not agitated by the high energy of the book.
  • Our entire cellular structure and our personal body aura get strengthened 1000 times more than we would be able to achieve by any other energy work

At the same time, while we read, our frequency is loaded onto the letters of the Knowledge Book. Thus, the Book contains the energy signature of each person who has succeeded in completing the Reading Program. For this reason, the Knowledge Book is also called the Book of the Human Being, or the Book of Unification.

In this program, on any day, the same chapter is read around the planet by numerous friends who follow the same reading schedule. The frequencies of the same chapter, emanated throughout a 24 hour segment, get into resonance and amplify the energy of the given chapter globally. Thus results:

  • purification of the magnetic aura of the planet,
  • rising of its vibrational level, and
  • the neutralization of negativities.



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The Writing Program consists in copying the entire Knowledge Book 100% accurately in handwriting, with a fountain pen using black ink. During this process, the Beta energy of the book is most efficiently absorbed by our bones.

This program was firstly introduced in Turkey in 1981 and was later opened to everyone on the entire planet. 

  • If a friend copies the Knowledge Book in handwriting, there is no deadline for the completion of that task. Writing can take two months, or two years.
  • A friend who has written the Knowledge Book individually is registered in the System only after he/she joins a study group and receives the signatures of all the members of the group.
  • Those who study in a group of 3 friends (Council), or a Focal Point, have to complete their writing in 62 weeks – from the day they enter the Council (on average, by writing one chapter each week).
Those who study in a Totality of 18, have 6 months (26 weeks) to complete copying the book in handwriting – starting from the day they join the study group.

This program is available to friends who regularly attend a Focal Point. The friend who enters this program is obliged to copy, at home, one chapter of the Knowledge Book, given to him/her every Saturday by the Solar Teachers in the Focal Point. By following this procedure, in 62 weeks he/she completes the copying of the Book and then finds 2 friends to establish a new Council and become a Solar Teacher.


  • Copying the Knowledge Book in handwriting starts by drawing the 6 triangular emblems that cover the FIRST chapter.
  • Copying continues by writing one’s full name at the top of the next page, together with the date on which one started to draw the emblems.
  • Afterwards, one continues by copying the first chapter, the text of which begins with: “1984 First Month Fascicule 1” and the first message of that chapter titled: “IN THE NAME OF THE PRE-EMINENT ALL-MERCIFUL”.
  • Thence one proceeds by handwriting ALL THE TEXT and copying ALL THE DRAWINGS AS THEY ARE, until one reaches the end of the Book.
  • One copies the Book in the sequential order of chapters.
  • One copies all the letters as they are (small, capital); follows the layout of paragraphs and uses red ink when indicated in the Book.
  • It is not necessary to follow the layout of pages.
  • When one comes to the page number, even though it might not fall onto the end of our page, one writes it – since it helps to monitor the accuracy of our copying in relation to a chapter and the entire Book.
  • One can use large format notebooks or loose A4 papers to write on.
  • If one notices a mistake, we cross it with one line, and write the correct text on the side;
  • Correction fluid (tippex) is not used
  • Drawings can be done by tracing the original with a pencil, and then by finalising them by fountain pen.
  • If a drawing has big, unrepairable mistakes, the drawing is then done anew on a separate paper of the same size as the drawing. That paper is then glued over the incorrect drawing. Before gluing it, one crosses out the incorrect drawing.
  • If the paper one uses to write on is too thin, and the ink of the previous page is seen through to the extent that it impacts on the clarity of what is written, writing is to be done on one side of the paper only or one switches to writing on thicker paper.
  • It is recommended to copy the Book in one’s place of residence, and outside the time when another member of the household reads or also copies the Knowledge Book (minimum 30 minutes time difference). In case one does not follow this suggestion, the Knowledge Book’s magnetic fields generated by different individuals will overlap, making it impossible to their work to be registered.
  • If one works alone, in their own room (or always the same room in a controlled home environment), and focuses their attention purely on the text being copied, this will provide the best environment to draw the energy of the entire Omega Dimension – hence the maximum benefits from this program will be obtained.
  • When one completes copying the Book, one put one’s signature together with the date of that day on the last page.



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The study programs of Councils of 3 and Totalities of 18 reflect the Universal operational ordinance, and they are suggested and supervised by the Kozmoz. These programs have been prepared to enable the Human Beings on our planet to complete their evolution of the Omega dimension. By studying the Knowledge Book and following its programs, we:
  • serve Humanity,
  • practice and strengthen our self-discipline, unconditional love, acceptance, respect, self-discipline, responsibility, self-sacrifice, allegiance, and
  • gradually reach an Awareness of the Universal Ordinance.

  • Through time, as we function within the magnetic field of the Knowledge Book on the base of those virtues, our biological constitution receives the energy of all the layers of the Omega dimension. Hence, we have an opportunity to complete the evolution of that dimension, and gain our everlasting body necessary for existing in advanced realities.
    • Every Human Being who feels the desire of their essence to help Humanity, can form their own group of 3 or join an existing study group (if there is a vacancy there).
    • Within study groups, we nurture respect, love and unconditional acceptance of each other.
    • Gradually, we are reaching a Cosmic perspective and an ability to comprehend the evolutionary reasons for all events, regardless of whether they relate to us personally or not, and we gain an ability to supervise our thoughts and behaviour more efficiently.
    • This maturity is the prime factor for success in the Cosmic education that the Knowledge Book programs offer.
    • Friends who work in the Knowledge Book study groups are considered to be missionaries of the Book.
    At the beginning of 2019, the Knowledge Book was studied in 39 countries around the world. ld. this is

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    COUNCIL - study groups of three people
    Three friends who want to study the Knowledge Book following the Cosmic program, get together on any Tuesday and form what is called a Council. Thereafter they meet every Tuesday to study one chapter of the Book in succession, and thus continuously attract the frequency of the Knowledge Book and reflect it horizontally. The more Councils operate in a particular country, the stronger the influence of the Knowledge Book’s energies in combating negativities and in awakening the friends to their life mission.

    Further responsibilities of Council members consist in:

    • giving out introductory material about the Knowledge Book (a set of chapters 1, 20 and 25) to a new friend every week on a chosen day, and
    • completing copying the Knowledge Book in handwriting during a period of 62 weeks (ideally by writing one chapter per week) from the date of the Council’s establishment.

    If the friends succeed in all these tasks, they each become a Solar Teacher and:

    • from the 63rd week, open what is termed a Focal Point, where every Saturday they read and explain the Knowledge Book to members of the public, starting with Chapter 1;
    • continue the Tuesday study meetings;
    • continue propagating the Book (by giving the introductory set of chapters on their conscious mission day);
    • meet on the last Sunday of each month for what is called the Meal of Friendship;
    • study the Working Ordinances material on one Sunday per month.
    There are no conditions imposed against working in a Council; it is all according to the essence desire of a friend.

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    The TOTALITY of 18 - study groups of eighteen people
    The Totality of 18 is an energy line between the given country and the Kozmoz, and once opened the T18 is meant to last all through the Golden Age – until the year 3000.

    The purpose of the Totality of 18 is to connect that country’s magnetic field, outlined by its administrative borders, to the Kozmoz, and to form the aura of the Knowledge Book in the Universal Totality through vertical reflection. In this way, each country will be taken into the plan of world unification, based on the Universal Operational Ordinance.

    Studies of the Knowledge Book in a Totality of 18 take place on Tuesdays, Saturdays and, from a certain point in the program, on Fridays. All 18 Totality members finished 62 weeks of studies and copied the Knowledge Book in thier handwriting.

    Upon receiving 18 signatures from 18 Totality friends in his/hers notebooks, a member becomes a Solar Teacher, and from then on gathers 6 students in 6 months to form a smaller study group called a Flower (6+1). The 18 Totalities members also propagate the intro sets of the Knowledge Book chapters once a week.

    After graduating 18x6 Solar Teachers, the Totality of 18 in a country gains the right to open a branch of the World Brotherhood Union, the centre of which is in Istanbul. (link to
    By the beginning of 2017, the following countries have opened the Totality of 18 program: Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Venezuela. Venezuela.

    Turkey has many study groups, each made of 342 friends (18+18x18) gathered into a Kozmo School.

    Israel has a specific program according to which they need to form and operate 6 groups of 18, each having their Flower studies. The friends working in 6 Totalities of 18 there, are yet to complete their Flower program.

    Friends working in Totalities of 18 also gather for the Meal of Friendship on the last Sunday of each month and, also once a month, on another SThe United States is on the way to form a Totality of 18, by firstly establishing the base for that program through opening more Councils./> The United States is on the way to form a Totality of 18, by firstly establishing the base for that program through opening more Councils. this is

    Please, think deeply about this program. Imagine what can be achieved when our heart’s desire to help Humanity unites with the Laws of the Universe, and with the suggestions from the LORD for our best future, as delivered through the Knowledge Book and its programs!

    All those who only sense or clearly see the importance of the Knowledge Book, please let your essence lead you.

    Even if you are just curious and have many doubts, do get in touch with us, or simply come to our public studies of the Knowledge Book.

    The direct experience of the Book will be your guide.

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    Focal Points are like Cosmic power stations. Friends present at these PUBLIC study meetings of the Knowledge Book, reflect with their brain engagement the energy of the Omega dimension conveyed by the Book – and by doing so they generate a higher vibrational energy in an environment.
    A Focal Point is opened by Solar Teachers of both Councils and Totalities of 18. Meetings take place each Saturday, at the same time and at the same place, regardless of public holidays.

    Every Saturday, a new chapter of the Knowledge Book is read in succession, and then explained to the guests invited by the Solar Teachers, and the guests’ questions related to the given chapter are answered.

    Saturday Focal Point meetings are OPEN to all members of the general public, and are FREE to attend.
    It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge on the Book, nor to attend the Focal Point regularly.

    Friends present at those studies will take in as much Beta energy as is comfortable, in the medium that is supervised by the Kozmoz. That energy tops up our evolution-related energy deficiencies. Hence:

    • our view of ourselves and life gradually changes;
    • a better Human Being unstoppably emerges;
    • we notice new tendencies in ourselves to accept things stress-free;
    • we open towards others, find pleasure in helping, sharing and cooperating;
    • we notice that we are getting rid of many doubts, fears and ego while gaining confidence with each step we take;
    • gradually and consequently, we discover an easier passage through the hectic daily life within this difficult period of intensive evolution on Earth.
    • Energy of the Omega dimension, which is essential for our current evolution and which is generated at the Focal Point, cannot be produced by any individual energy work available on our planet.

    The frequency of the chapter of the Knowledge Book that is read, is reflected by the mental activity of friends gathered at the Focal Point meeting. Hence, the more brains present, the bigger the reflection and the faster the building of the magnetic field of the Knowledge Book.

    After leaving the Focal Point, guests will reflect the attracted Beta energy and make it available to everyone they come into proximity with or meet. By spreading the Beta energy in this manner, attendees of the Focal Point serve Humanity in yet another way.

    For all of the above reasons, participating in the Focal Point’s study is considered a service to Humwe invite all friends to take a conscious step in helping themselves, other Human Beings, and the planet, by taking an active role in raising the vibrational level on Earth by coming to the Knowledge Book public studies.e locations: New York City, NY(English), New York City, NY (Spanish) and Phoenix, Arizona (English). yay Study Meetings

    Unless we make effort to follow its programs, Kozmoz cannot help our planet.

    These programs of study of the Knowledge Book in groups are ultimately for the personal evolution of the friend in question – though they are performed as a service to society.

    Nobody can make our evolution for us, hence, our friends, take your evolution in your hands and:

    • COME!
    • JOIN US in building better selves and a better world!


    All those who want more information or wish to join us at the Focal Point studies,
    see Study Meetings

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